Vape History and Controversy. Do They Really Work?

The “Vaporiser”, or just vape, is becoming a more and more popular term. The act of vaporising involves the inhalation of hot vapours heated by an electronic cigarette, or vaporiser. For some it is all about the flavour and taste of the product. For others, it is about concerns over the health effects of inhaling these vapours into the lungs.

Invention Of The Modern Vape

“Vape” has become an everyday term used to describe an alternative smoking method. While the history goes much further back, a man called Hon Lik designed the first modern vape in 2003. Both Hon Lik and his very were heavy smokers. Hon Lik himself has said that he was consuming up to 3 packs of cigarettes a day. His father, died of lung cancer. This is what motivated him into invent device, which is still causing controversy almost 2 decades later.

A vape pen in use

The Rising Opposition

One of the arguments against vaporizing is that it is not really smoking. According to opponents of vaporizing, the act of “taking a break” from cigarette smoking to put a tasty treat in the mouth is not really smoking. Many teenagers have become smokers through the act of “vaping”. These teens may not have fully considered the negative implications of nicotine. Not all teens who start smoking do so because they are bored. Some begin smoking because they are desperate for nicotine.

There is a growing concern surrounding the number of deaths occurring among adolescent smokers. Concerns have been raised over the impact on public health. There is now a campaign calling itself “Vaping Awareness, & and Public Education”, or “VAPE” for short.

According to the American Cancer Society, there is a steady rise in young people who smoke each year. The Instagram page “VAERS” has received criticism from many quarters. Residents of Virginia are even a holding a local rally against the sale and regulation of electronic cigarettes. Reports say that over ten thousand people have joined in the effort to stop smoking cigarettes and vaping.

Are Vapes Cigarettes Catered To kids?

Amongst young adults, there has been a surge in the sales of electronic cigarettes. A recent survey has found that among twenty-five to thirty-year-olds, there has been an increase in the use of vaporizers. This is particularly true among young adults. They are more likely to have tried several forms of nicotine replacement therapy and other methods of quitting smoking. The use of Juicy Fruit Juices is particularly popular among younger adults.

Even high-school-aged youth are now using the Juicy Fruit Juicer, which is now available on the market for purchase in vending machines. The marketing campaign which has been running for the past three years has been a successful one. One of the main reasons for this is that young people tend to associate the public place – such as a cafe – with tobacco, therefore they would be more apt to purchase a product advertised on TV or the Internet. There are now calls for the FDA to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to underage students.

While there have been attempts to link the rising popularity of e-cigarette and juice drinks. The real reason behind their popularity is because of their ability to completely remove the ‘stickiness’ associated with regular cigarettes and nicotine. Unlike nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, and inhalers, Vapes do not cause withdrawal symptoms when they are removed from the body. This means that smokers can spend large periods of time ‘vaping’ without the associated side effects. For this reason, it is likely that e-cigarette use will continue to rise over the coming years.

Navigating the Vape Market

The European Food Safety Authority has labelled e-Cigarettes as being suitable for use by anyone who doesn’t smoke and who is otherwise healthy. However, in the USA the FDA has not taken a position on the matter. It is widely believed that the lack of official guidance from the FDA on the subject may have encouraged manufacturers to produce low-quality E-Cigarettes. Thus allowing them to sell them with a far more liberal stance than would be allowed if the FDA were to take a stance.

There are a number of different brands of E-Cigarette available on the market, so it is often difficult for the consumer to choose the best vaporizer for them. The most important factor in deciding which one is right for you is to determine what your personal preference is. E-Cigarettes are cheap to purchase, but the difference between a good vaporizer and a poor one is often based on personal preference. Many people consider that a good vaporizer is much like drinking a cup of steaming water or some other kind of delicious beverage. With that in mind, if you prefer your food with a little bit of vapor, than a good Vape may be the answer to your problem.

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