A Brief History Of The European Union And Brexit

A handful of European Nations created The European Union in the last century. It is an international political association consisting of 28 countries. In recent years, several independent countries have joined the European Union. Britain is the first major country to leave the European Union.

European Union Flag

The Purpose Of The European Union

The purpose of the European Union is to create a united political and economic system. One that fosters peace, promotes economic integration, fights discrimination and promotes technological and scientific advancement, promotes environmental protection and respects human rights. It also maintains an open and free trade environment. The EU tries to harmonize its laws with those of other countries. Some of the European Union’s objectives are to protect human rights, provide for the economic well-being of its citizens, preserve national identity and enhance international cooperation.

The European Union is a trading organization that manages the global market. One of its most significant achievements is the European Trading System, or the European single market. The Single European Market has allowed companies from all over the world to operate across European borders without having to establish their own headquarters in each country. This has made European companies more globally competitive, leading to improved productivity, investment and growth. However, The UK and the EU have laid plans to disrupt the global market.


In late August, the UK gave a clear signal on its plans to leave the EU, stating that it wants to replace the EU’s opt out mechanism with the European Trade Agreement. This is a treaty that will be signed by both parties on September 2021. The European Union states that it is willing to enter into a customs union with the U.S., the U.K. and other like European countries, but will only do this if these countries agree to join the EU. Although the Eu has also said that it is not interested in joining any kind of trade agreement with the US.

European Union Brexit

Another potential issue on the horizon is the European Union and Switzerland’s bilateral agreement. This is the European Free Trade Agreement, also known as the Amtsuttle Agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, Switzerland grants its citizens’ access to the financial services of the EU. A similar agreement was signed by Italy and Spain. It is possible that the Swiss government may sue the EU for violating its national bank secrecy laws.

This is why there are rumours that the EU may expand their political association with the European Central Bank. Some political analysts believe that the EU could announce that they would like to join the European Central Bank, thus, the creation of a European Central Bank. But the EU has made it clear that they will not join the European Central Bank.

The Future Of Europe and its Union

In the end, peace and economic prosperity are dependent on the decision of the European Union and its member countries. So, it is high time for EU leaders to make up their minds. Will they continue on the path towards political union, which benefits only the powerful German economy, or will they decide to forge ahead with the European Central Bank? The future of the EU hangs in the balance.

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