Socialism Vs. Trump. Does the Future of Freedom Awaits Us?

A new trend in politics is the re-emergence of Socialism or Communism. It has been on the rise over the past 20 years. Youth, by and far, are the most avid proponents of this concept. There is a growing intolerance towards capitalism and a desire for freedom.

History Of Socialism In The United States

How did all of this happen? What is socialism? In the United States of America, the first known attempt at socialism was the New Dealers movement. This gave way to the New York State socialist mayor Fiorello La Guardia’s Popular Party in 1936. That year, a whopping 49 percent of eligible voters went for socialism, the highest percentage ever recorded at that time. And it wasn’t just the United States that embraced socialism: the French, the Belgians and the Greeks also began to lean more towards socialism.

Socialism In Response To Trump

So why is socialism now back in the news? In the U.S., one of the most popular reasons is the backlash against President Trump’s policies. The billionaire businessman has been labelled a Hitler-style dictator. This is in response to his moves to limit executive power, build a wall and make businesses provide Social Security benefits to their workers. As a result, the left-wing protests against his leadership have been widespread. There have been many protests, marches and sit-ins, both in the U.S. and around the globe. Many blame Trump and his administration for the rise of Nazism in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Trump Anti Socialism

Some on the left are upset with President Trump’s attempts at “drain the swamp” or take away the corporate welfare. Trump believes in creating jobs through free enterprise and competition. The left believes the government can help create jobs by creating regulations that protect small businesses. This sounds like a socialist approach to entrepreneurship, doesn’t it? Well, if this is what the future looks like for capitalism, then perhaps the time is ripe for the future of socialism. Perhaps, just maybe, the wave of the future is here!

Why Is Socialism Popular?

The other reason for the resurgence of socialism is because many people want more ownership of the means of production. It is no secret that businesses need capital to survive, and they need owners who are responsible and passionate about the public good. More left-leaning citizens are demanding that businesses have more ownership or partial ownership by individuals. This means that workers are either partially or fully owners of whatever business they work for. This is called socialism, and it is the harbinger of a new form of ownership in America.


The left-leaning citizens of the United States will ultimately demand that businesses not only have a partial ownership share, but they will have a full ownership share. And, they will not only be able to run the business themselves, but they will also be able to hand-pick their employees. No longer will they be regulated by benevolent, government control.

Other Socialist Countries

If the United States moves towards socialism, then it will most likely lead to social policies similar to those practiced in Venezuela, Cuba and Iran. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and the folks in Iran, are flaunting their new callow nation-empire that they helped to build. What a vision, folks; a progressive utopia of skies and waters!

However, some on the right worry that a move towards socialism will lead to further restrictions and regulation, not to mention increased taxation. So, it appears that although President Trump might want to take a swing at the corporate welfare fluff, he might find that his fellow Republicans will defeat him. Can the future of freedom be beyond the reach of a socialist nation? Perhaps not. Let’s hope so, for the glory of capitalism will remain intact.

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