CBD Oil – What Is It And Why You Should Care

CBD Oil extracts are the most well-known and familiar CBD product out there today. With one full day, you could very well be ingesting a full spectrum of CBD molecules with potentially very beneficial therapeutic properties, according to recent peer-reviewed scientific studies. That’s good news for CBD advocates.

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However, if we want to move the discussion beyond mere CBD consumption, then we need to explore the whole CBD vs. THC debate. In order to answer this question, we need to turn on our noses and look in the mirror. We’ve all heard the stories about marijuana’s ill effects – the debilitating nausea, the zombie-like side effects, and so on. So lets dive into the differences between CBD and THC.


When looking at CBD vs. THC, it’s important to consider the differences between CBD vs. THC. To start, CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. By definition, you cannot be “under the influence” of the psychoactive ingredient THC. CBD is therefore much safer than THC. That said, CBD does not have the same medicinal benefits found in THC. CBD even shows potential to have anti-cancer and anti-psychotic properties.

By contrast, THC can have powerful psychoactive effects when smoked. So what is the difference between CBD vs. THC in terms of the medicinal benefits? The answer lies in CBD’s power to act on brain cells without activating the psychoactive effects of the drug. There are similarities between CBD and ibuprofen in terms of how it affects the body. Both drugs can bring relief from muscle pain and headaches by temporarily blocking the receptors at the synapse that cause these symptoms.

Medical uses of CBD Oil

In recent years, CBD has been found to be a very effective substance for treating a number of medical ailments. For example, CBD is the leading prescription medication in the United States for children with autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), amongst others. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, CBD can improve many of the symptoms of these conditions. Additionally, researchers found that they could relieve the symptoms of seizures in some patients with epilepsy by using CBD. Some believe that CBD may also benefit people with certain forms of cancer. Although not as common, some even consider using CBD for some cases of Crohn’s Disease and other bowel disorders. In most cases, Medical professionals use CBD in conjunction with other pharmaceuticals or natural products to bring about a more complete effect.

CBD has many different uses across many sectors of the medical industry. It can be used for treating everything from seizures and nausea to pain management and epilepsy. It is currently a hot topic of discussion within the alternative health community, where some practitioners believe it to be a better alternative to pharmaceuticals. Many companies producing CBD products are currently undergoing clinical trials to determine the effects of CBD on patients with neurological conditions. Some companies producing CBD products also offer CBD chewable tablets, capsules, and oil-infused oils. Whether or not CBD is right for you depends on your lifestyle and medical, but CBD Oil is definitely a superior alternative to CBD.


As an alternative to THC, some companies are producing high CBD strains of some plants that produce very little THC at all. High CBD extracts produce some of the same therapeutic benefits as THC oil, but without the psychoactive properties. In these strains, THC is present in low levels so the plant is not subject to the same growing constraints that limit CBD in many high CBD varieties. CBD is not fully absorbed in CBD isolates, which means it can pass through the digestive tract without being metabolized. This provides the CBD with a distinct therapeutic benefit in many cases.

Extracting CBD Oil

CBD Oil Extract Process

There are two different extraction processes for CBD extract. The first method involves cold-pressing the CBD extract. CBD is pressed using high heat and pressure, and the resulting powder is then placed in a cold refrigerator to extract the CBD. Cold extraction process takes significantly longer to yield CBD than hot extraction process, but CBD extract is free of terpenes. Terpenes are the chemical compounds that give CBD its psychotropic effect. The second extraction process involves cold-filtration, which renders CBD free of terpenes.

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